Assistant Director, Career Counselor

Works With the Following Majors

ADes, Arch, GDes, HSG, IDes, LDP, PDes, & Undeclared CDes students

Online Appointment Scheduling


Generalist, Design students, and Strengths Quest


Relator, Maximizer, Harmony, Input, Positivity

Diversity Training, Involvement & Awards

  • GLBT Ally Training 1
  • Silver Award, Diversity & Inclusion Recognition Program
  • Volunteer, Partners in English Program 
  • Engaging in Universal Design, 11/2012, Office of Equity and Diversity
  • Equity & Diversity in the Search Process, 10/2012, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
  • Leadership in the Context of Equality, 9/2012, Office of Equity and Diversity
  • Advanced Discussions Engaging All Students, 8/2012, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Around the World in 180 Minutes, 5/2011, Office for Organizational Effectiveness 
  • Diversity of Learners, 8/2007, Center for Teaching and Learning

Life Story

Grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, and received undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Management with minors in Business and Spanish from Indiana University. Interned as a television news reporter at KGAN Channel 2 News and worked as the Co-manager at a jewelry store in Iowa. Received Masters from the University of Iowa in Post Secondary Student Development and became the Administrative Director of Honors. Later relocated and became an academic adviser at University of California San Diego, and then moved to the University of Minnesota to assist in the development and founding of Career and Internship Services.

Out Of Work Obsessions

Kids, family, and fitness.

Something You Wish You Had More Time For


Funny Story

I agreed to coach track for the first time ever for kindergarten through 5th graders. Really it was more like herding cats and all you needed was a pulse and loud voice. At the end of the second or third practice, the Head Coach, who was Swedish, asked if I wanted to lead rundowns with the group. I unsuspectingly agreed, to which announced to the one-hundred K-5 track kids, “Kids! Catch Heather!” I was then chased down the football field by a mob of children who had heard interpreted ‘catch’ as tackle. (Only a few beat me though!)

Best Way To Spend A Saturday

With family, ideally outdoors doing something like biking or a picnic.

Student Success Story

I met with a student had taken our 3201 career class and had been looking for an internship for 6 months through online job postings. I asked her to select four companies she would love to work for. She knew the companies, had a contact at one, I was able to give her a contact for another, and she cold called the other two companies – all in the same day of our appointment.  Two days later I received an email that she had already done one informational interview and had been invited to a dinner and ride-along. Six days later – less than a week! – she had been offered two internships.

Best Words Of Advice For Students

Challenge yourself while you are still in school, especially with networking.

headshot of Heather Nagle smiling