Staffing Agencies

Employers sometimes require short-term help with special projects or replacements for full-time employees on leaves of absence. Many companies fill these vacancies via temporary staffing agencies. These "third-party recruiters" place individuals looking for temporary employment, also known as 'temps', with available job opportunities.

Please note that positions found through these agencies are not designed to lead to full-time careers, but statistics show that many of them do turn into full-time job offers.

Below you will find a list of temporary staffing agencies that are among the most well-known in the Twin Cities area and/or cater to recent graduates. Career and Internship Services does not endorse the use of any particular agency and we encourage you to ask thorough questions of each agency before signing up.

To read more about the pros and cons of temping check out the Temping Article by Quint Careers and our PDF iconTemporary Staffing Agencies Handout.

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