Salary Data

Career and Internship Services, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota Office for Student Affairs, conducts a survey of all graduates 6 months after graduation to collect employment and salary data.

Salary information for each of our colleges can be found in the below.  To view more specific employment and salary information for individual majors, visit the student Salary and Employment Statistics section of our web site.

Fall 2015, Spring & Summer 2016 Graduates

College of Continuing & Professional Studies
Mean: $52,514     Median: $48,500      Range: $12,000-$145,000

College of Design
Mean: $37,484     Median: $38,480      Range: $12,000-$65,000

College of Food, Agricutural & Natural Resource Sciences
Mean: $37.474     Median: $36,400      Range: $12,000-$97,624