Managing Multiple Offers

Managing multiple job offers can feel stressful. Call 612-624-2710 or schedule online with a career counselor to talk through your situation and practice language you can use with both organizations. Some common multiple offer situations are highlighted below. 

Scenario 1: You receive an offer, but are waiting to hear from another organization

If you receive an offer but are waiting to hear from another, ask for time to consider the offer (several days to a week). Contact the second organization, explain you’ve received an offer and ask if they are able to notify you of their decision more quickly. Many organizations will speed up the interview process and/or their decision to hire a competitive candidate.

Scenario 2: You have two offers, but the job your prefer has offered you less money. 

If you receive two job offers but one has offered less money, you can negotiate by mentioning you’ve received a higher offer from another organization. Some organizations will match the competitor’s salary, but you may need proof of the other offer in writing.

Important Job Offer Etiquette

Never accept an offer with an organization with the intent of changing your mind if something better comes along. This burns bridges within that organization and can hurt your credibility in the field.

Once you accept an offer, it is expected that you contact ALL other organizations to remove your name from consideration.