Information Technology Infrastructure

About the Major

A major in Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) prepares you for a career in the thriving field of information technology. ITI coursework blends knowledge areas from math, science, computer science, and information technology infrastructure. Students in the program gain knowledge and skill in the areas of network and systems administration, database administration, while learning how to analyze business processes, understand business objectives, and design, construct, and manage technology operations within an organization. Read more about the major.

Common Entry Level Job Titles

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Technology Analyst
  • Technology Consultant
  • Technology Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Warehouse Manager
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Security Specialist
  • Systems Administrator

Types of Employers

  • Computer systems service providers
  • Educational institutions
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Securities and commodity exchanges
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare organizations

Salary and Employment Statistics

See the employment and salary page for statistics on the most recent graduates and previous years.

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