Food Systems

About the Major

The Food Systems major will teach students the knowledge and problem-solving skills to address complex challenges and opportunities in food systems. This will be guided by an interest in food and food systems that are sustainable in environmental, economic, and social terms. Students will study food systems in diverse contexts and at different scales. Read more about the major.

Common Entry Level Job Titles

  • Community Garden Manager
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Extension Educator 
  • Food Shelf Manager
  • Market Specialist
  • Organic Farm Assistant Manager 
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Sales Representative: Organics, Food 
  • Health Equity Specialist

Types of Employers

  • Community gardens
  • Food companies
  • Government agencies 
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Organic farms

Past Experience and Internship Database

Search for students' previously completed experiences related to this major (to get ideas- not to get a list of openings) at: is updated through Fall 2020 semester only and will be updated semesterly.

Salary and Employment Statistics

See the employment and salary page for statistics on the most recent graduates and previous years.

Top Career Resources

  • LIST of internship and job sites and Food Systems-related organizations
  • Also see career resources for:
  • In addition to using the resources above, try a simple google search!  Search for jobs and internships using keywords related to your related of interest, such as: food hubs, food policy, public health, food justice, supply chain and logistics, consumer insight, food retail, food waste/compost, food safety, food security, real food, food sovereignty, food advocacy, sustainable ag, urban agriculture

    Additional Resources

    In addition to these resources we recommend the following strategies to locate more information about careers related to your major:

    • O*NET and Careerwise. These tools provide comprehensive information about a wide range of careers including typical duties, salaries, employment outlook, skills and interests.
    • Locate professional associations related to your major or career interests by conducting a Google Search on “(Name of major/career area/industry) professional associations.” Try these keywords: food, systems, sustainable, organic, policy, community, garden, urban, farming, agroecology, entrepreneur, marketing
    • Get involved in one of the many industry-related student groups on campus. These groups provide links to experiences, guest speakers, and discussion with like-minded students.