Lisa  Novack

Internship Coordinator


Achiever, Learner, Individualization, Strategic, and Empathy

Diversity Training, Involvement & Awards

-Diversity Training, Involvement & Awards:
-Diversity Certificate (2014), Office for Equity and Diversity
-Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator (QA)

Life Story

My first experience with the world of work was my job as a Saturday morning newspaper carrier. I studied business in college and worked briefly in the corporate sector before returning to higher education where I completed a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology. I’ve enjoyed working in various aspects of higher education including admissions, student activities, leadership development, advising, and career counseling. I am excited to continue to work with students, colleagues, and employers as Internship Coordinator! 

Out Of Work Obsessions

Family. Adventures. Learning. Biking. Running. Irish dancing.

Best Part Of College Experience

Best part of college experience: One of the best parts of my college experience was learning abroad and completing a marketing internship at USA Today International in London.

Best Words Of Advice For Students

Take time to explore your interests and career options in college.