Career Counselor Intern

Works With the Following Majors

All degree-seeking students in CCAPS, CDes, CFANS

Online Appointment Scheduling

StrengthsQuest Top 5 Strengths

Restorative, Belief, Ideation, Input, Learner

Life Story

B.S., Community Psychology, M.S., Higher Education Administration.  Current: Psychological and Counseling Services, LPCC track (MA). Past job roles include career services, development and non-profit, project management, and workforce training….oh, and pastry chef.

Out of Work Obsession(s)

Hot springs, Bike-packing, Berry-picking, Cross Country Skiing and Traveling

Funny Story

I worked and lived at a remote hot spring resort in a small cabin behind the restaurant on the property.  One night, I woke up to a loud bang and peeked out my window to see the restaurant was smoking and on fire.  It turns out, a bear broke into the restaurant, ignited the stove pilot, and was dining inside.  The loud bang was 5lb cans of spaghetti sauce bursting under the heat.

Best Part of College Experience

Carving my own path.

Favorite Place in the Whole World

Isle Royale National Park

Something You Wish You Had More Time for

Learn how to sail a sailboat and understand maritime rules.

Band You Like Listening to the Most

Susan Tedeschi and Trucks Band

What's the One Thing You Would Do, if You Were Able to Do It?

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Best Words of Advice for Students

Choose a great company, not a job title.

Favorite Quote

“The strongest force in our universe is not overriding power, but love.”
-Carl Rogers