Keegan McKye

Peer Advisor




Resumes and Cover Letters


Command, Deliberative, Futuristic, Intellection, Learner

Life Story

I was raised by my mother in rural South Dakota on a small farm. Unlike most people in the area, my family's farming is not a source of income, but instead an effort towards self-sufficiency. Being raised in this context taught me the importance being self-sufficient and the dignity it can create. This mindset led me to enroll in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota with the purpose to one day work through Architecture to create opportunity for those who currently don't have the ability to be self-sufficient.

Out Of Work Obession(s)

Cats, gardening, getting lost.

Favorite Place In The Whole World

Harney Peak.

Best Part Of College Experience

Having the opportunity to expand in new ways, seek new inspiration, and explore new ways of thinking.

Best Way To Spend A Saturday

Start the day with strong coffee people cream, get together with the people you enjoy, put in a good few hours of work on something you are collectively passionate about, spend the rest of the day doing something out of the norm, and ending the day with a bonfire.

Individual You Most Admire

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, John Green, Emma Watson

What Kind Of Music Do You Like Listening To?

The Glitch Mob and The Decembrists