Planning for Your Internship

What is an Internship?

An internship is a position that allows you to gain experience in the career field you are considering. Typically, the position allows you to develop new skills and offers both training and supervision. For comprehensive information, check out our PDF iconInternship Guide Handout

Top Tips for Planning Your Internship

  1. Know what you want before you start searching. What type of internship are you looking for? What skills do you most want to develop? What type of organization and work environment fit your interest and values?
  2. Start early and get help. Keep the recruiting cycle in mind- many companies hire summer interns in September and October...8 months before the actual internship start date! 
  3. Ask three critical questions before accepting an internship. What type of training is provided? Who will supervise me and what is his/her supervisory style? What types of projects would I work on and what skills would I develop through this experience?

Remote/Virtural Internships

Many employers offer or may consider offering a remote/virtual internship opportunity. While virtual, or internships completed remotely, don’t offer quite the same environment for learning about an organization’s culture or ease of building professional relationships, they do allow you to continue to develop professionally, as well as apply and gain skills and knowledge. Learn more

Getting Academic Credit for Your Internship

Several academic programs require that you obtain credit for an internship as part of your degree requirements; for others it is optional. The process for gaining credit for internships varies for each college. To learn how to get credit for your major/program visit the appropriate college resource listed below:

College of Continuing and Professional Studies - Contact your academic advisor for information

College of Design - Internship Guidelines

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences - Internship Tips & Resources
Many CFANS majors have specific requirements to fulfill internship/experiential learning requirements. Be sure to consult your advisor to confirm the internship class that is most appropriate for you. 

Career and Internship Services offers an internship course which meets Experiential Learning Graduation Requirements for many CFANS majors: