Career Resources for International Students

Campus Job Resources for International Students

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides extensive career services including online and in-person workshops about obtaining work visas, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT). Appointments are available by calling 612-626-7100.

Career and Internship Services provides information and resources unique to specific majors and related industries for the College of Continuing Education, College of Design and College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. Our office can help you learn about employers for your field and give you specific job search strategies for your industry. To schedule an appointment, call 612-624-2710.

International students may find it helpful to meet with staff members from both offices during their job search.

Job Search Resources

The strategies for finding job openings are very similar for all students whether they are from the United States or other countries. Be sure to check out the Online Job Search Tools and Networking sections of our web site for general resources. Some specific resources for international students are listed below.

  • Going Global (Access Going Global using GoldPASS)
    Going Global is a great resource for international students looking for information on work opportunities here in the United States. It is also a great tool for students looking for information on the cultural nuances of the job search in various countries and cities throughout the world.
  • Networking for International Students Online Workshop
    This is an online workshop describing networking strategies for international students. You'll hear examples of networking conversations and get tips for developing your list of contacts.
  • Uniworld
    Searchable databse of American firms operating in foreign countries and foreign firms operating in the United States. Access Uniworld from the UMN Libraries' Indexes and Databases

Succeeding at a Career Fair for International Students

Check out this video for tips to have a successful experience at a career fair. 

Additionally, review these tips for PDF iconAnswering Common Employer Questions about Sponsorship

Developing Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills

Communication skills are necessary to job search effectively and successfully apply to graduate school. Here are some of great campus resources to help you receive feedback on your writing and develop your skills:

Student Writing Support (SWS)
Individual consultations are available for feedback on personal statement, cover letter, and resume writing. These sessions focus on the writing process, editing, and proofreading. View writing consultant biographies here. You may want to work with a TESOL specialist or a graduate student consultant. 

Minnesota English Language Program
Programs and courses are offered to improve English language and pronunciation skills for business or personal use.

Career Advice from Previous International Students

International students who have found jobs and internships in the U.S. can be great information resources. Check out the "Tales of International Success" video series. 

Additional Resources