Graduate Student Job Search

Job Search Preparation for Graduate Students Workshop Series - offered once each academic year

St. Paul campus
Date/Time: TBA (watch this site and email)

  1. Self-Assessment & Goal-Setting: What are your strengths, skills, values? Where are you going, & why?
  2. Job Search Preparation: Employer research, relationship builidng (networking), & position fit analysis
  3. Resumes, CVs, & Cover Letters: Target your documents to get the interview!
  4. Interviewing: Practice & get the offer!
  5. Offer Negotiation & Professionalism: Treat yourself & others well

Career Planning

Whether you are looking for academic or non-academic positions, explore the following resources for assistance and information:

About Every Job Search

Start today by building and maintaining relationships with professionals in your field. Build them now, before you need them. Why?  Benefits include:

  • References
  • Job leads
  • Introductions to other professionals
  • Meet interesting people!
  • Industry and employer information
  • Mentoring

Meet with professionals in your field. Ask about their professional experiences and tell them about yours.  Ask for their advice about positioning yourself, employers, and job search.  And ask how you can help them!  Then stay in touch.

Join professional associations for your industry and attend related events.  Introduce yourself, show interest in others, offer your help, time and expertise.

Research employers who hire individuals with your expertise and contact them directly to inquire about trends, potential projects and jobs.  Use LinkedInCareer and Employment Research resources and Company and Nonprofit Directories.

Start early familiarizing yourself with employers, industry jargon, required qualifications, and expectations by reading job descriptions (search online job boards, organizations you know, professional journals and publications).

Non-academic Job Search

In addition to all the resources above, see:

  • Inside Higher Ed, Alternative to Academic Careers (Alt-Ac) advice
  • Versatile PhD (login with your UMN email), Helping graduate students and PhDs envision, prepare for, and excel in non-academic careers
  • SciPhDAddressing concerns of early career scientists ($19.95 for skills assessment of “24 core business competencies that are valued by industry for entry level positions”. This listing does not represent endorsement).

Academic Job Search

Refer the relevant resources above, and prepare to: 

Academic Job Search Sites

International Academic Job Search Sites