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Federal, state, county and city governments offer a wide range of job and internship opportunities. The Federal Government is the largest employer in the country and expects that in the next 5 years, one third of its full-time workforce will retire or otherwise leave the government. That's a lot of openings!

Getting into government jobs may be a long process, requiring persistence and patience.  However, once in the system, it can be easy to move around within it. 

Benefits of government employment include the opportunity to serve your community, a greater degree of job security than some other settings, and excellent benefits (health insurance, vacation time, etc.).

Student Opportunities

State of Minnesota Internships and Student Jobs
Federal Pathways Programs including:

  • Internship Program: For current students
  • Recent Graduates Program: For those within two years of graduation
  • Presidential Management Fellowship: Leadership development program for advanced degree candidates (master or professional degree)

Tips for Applying to Government Jobs

  1. Network! Despite the strict application procedures, connecting with professionals in goverment agencies is extremely important. Ask them about their work and for their advice! Do PDF iconInformational Interviews and connect on LinkedIn
  2. Read and follow application instructions carefully with attention to details and deadlines. More application tips here
  3. Start early! Openings may be posted for a very short time (less than one week), and the application process can be slow (2 months on average). 
  4. Many government agencies require more detail on resumes than do other types of employers- be sure to include ALL relevant experience. Your government resume will likely need to be over one page. 
  5. Reach out to the contact person listed on the posting if you have questions!
  6. View our PDF iconFederal Internships and Jobs Handout for concise information and tips. 
  7. ***2017 FYI: USAjobs website has identified a technical difficulty with PDFs created using Apple's Preview software, which results in blank documents.  The fix to this problem is either 1) Convert your document using something other than Apple's Preview, or 2) Download the document directly from the source site without using Preview to view and 'Save as'.

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