Creating Internships

At Career and Internship Services, we highly encourage employers to consider developing internship programs if they do not currently exist within your organization.  Not only do internships give students valuable work experience, they provide great benefits to your organization as well.

Benefits Include:

  • Interns allow employers to meet current staffing needs on special projects.
  • Internships allow employers to test out a possible full-time employee with minimal risk and expense.
  • Interns hired full-time typically stay longer with the organization since they are sure of their fit leading to increased retention.
  • Interns bring great energy, excellent technology skills as well as innovative and fresh ideas to your organization.

A great resource to help you develop your internship program created by the National Society for Experiential Education is PDF iconStarting and Maintaining a Quality Internship Program. This document can answer many questions you have about developing an internship program. In addition, the staff at Career and Internship Services is happy to consult with you on developing internships in your organization that will be productive for both employer and intern.  Contact us at 612-624-2710 for guidance developing your internship program.

National Association of Colleges and Employers Position Statement on Unpaid Internships

Internship Programs under The Fair Labor Standards Act - Unpaid Internship