Career and Job Prep for Grad Students: CFAN/APS/DES 5201

Open to graduate students in any program. Ideal for graduate students in any program seeking jobs in industry/non-academic careers.

Course Content

This class will assist any graduate student with his/her job search preparation and career development. The course will primarily focus on job searching for non-academic careers including goal setting, employer research, networking, job searching, resume and CV writing and interviewing, though some class content can be targeted to the academic job search. We recommend taking this course 2-3 semesters prior to graduation.

Sample Syllabus

Quotes from Past Students

  • "Really enjoyed the class very much! I feel more prepared for the job search now and more confident."
  • "This is one of the best classes that I have ever taken in the University. I think every graduate student should take a class like this as it has expanded my horizons so much. Thank you to [the instructor] for a job well done."
  • "I was a little skeptical in taking this class because I didn't need it and I had enough credits to graduate without it, but I am so glad I decided to take it..."
  • "I enjoyed being pushed to think about my career goals in an explicit manner, especially with the synthesis paper. I also really appreciated the panels with advice from people working in the field...I would highly recommend anyone to take this."
  • "This class was very valuable for students interested in jobs outside of academia. There was useful practical advice presented in class for searching for job opportunities...a really great excuse to think about my future while I was otherwise totally wrapped up in my dissertation research. Overall, I'd highly recommend this course to any graduate student. It has a very manageable (and useful) set of assignments."