CFAN 3096 Registration Instruction

Internship Approval Instructions:
The instructions below step you through the Internship Agreement needed to gain approval of your internship in order to take the course. After gaining approval you will receive a permission number by email that will allow you to register. Please do so immediately as course activities begin in June.

GoldPASS Changes: 
As you will see, Internship Agreements are managed through the GoldPass system, which will be moving to a new platform this spring. Therefore, the instructions below will be updated on this webpage as needed. Students submitting requests for internship approval after April 29, will be directed to revised instructions. 

  1. Log into (or create) your GoldPASS account at
  2. Select “Internship Agreement Form” on the left column.
  3. Click on the “Other” tab.
  4. Complete all required fields, including full position description (you may need to obtain one from your internship site).
  5. Under Internship Information, provide or select the following information:
    1. Faculty Advisor:                        Career and Internship Services: Mari Ruddy
    2. Number of Credits:                   1
    3. Term you will receive credit:     Summer or Fall(select the term you want to receive the credit)
    4. Course Number:                       CFAN 3096
    5. Section Number:                      Type in your preferred section number
    6. Internship Documentation:       Presentation, Small Assignments
    7. Learning Goals:                       Type in: “To Be Determined.”
  6. Submit form
  7. Be sure to tell your site supervisor to watch for the e-mail requesting their approval of the agreement. After your site supervisor approval is received, the form will be routed to your course instructor for approval.
  8. Be sure to allow time for the approval process prior to the beginning of the course. Be advised, this can take a week.
  9. As soon as approvals are received, you will be sent a permission number by email that will allow you to register for the course.

Dual degree students, please read:
Students who are enrolled in two different colleges (for example: CFANS and CLA) must email after submitting this form to assure that the appropriate campus career center receives the request for approval. Failure to do so may result in a delay in processing your agreement.

Important Note for Summer Concurrent and Fall Deferred students: You must complete required summer activities, which begin in May/June. 

Students who are undertaking experiences/internships in the summer and plan to take the deferred enrollment (fall) courses must complete several activities by deadlines throughout the summer. These activities include an online orientation, approval of learning goals, participation in mid-term evaluations and an informational interview.

Details about how to complete these activities will be available in Canvas as soon as you have registered. Failure to complete activities by deadlines will impact your final grade. 


Contact Mari Ruddy, Career Services Internship Coordinator, or 612-624-2710