Peer Advisor


Graphic Design


Resumes, Cover letters, and Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop)


Relator, Self-Assurance, Analytical, Futuristic, and Command

Life Story

Born in Madison Wisconsin. Went to elementary school there until the schools started getting bad. Moved to Waunakee Wisconsin and have lived there ever since. Was aspiring to be a chemical engineer, then realized I didn’t really want to do that. Suddenly picked up graphic design and now am happy as can be.  

Out Of Work Obsessions

Graphic design, music connoisseur (kinda), finding the best chicken fingers.

Funny Story

Was at an ice cream parlor with my aunt and uncle in California. There were banana splits as big as your head (literally it was like 5 pounds of ice cream). I was determined to eat all of it by myself (even though it was meant to be shared by 6 people) and I was able to eat all but a few bites. Felt accomplished until I stepped outside and regurgitated all of the ice cream right in front of all the lovely folks inside the glass-walled parlor.

Best Part Of College Experience

Meeting the love of my life, 17th avenue dining hall.

Personal Success Story

Was really into Photoshop sophomore year of high school and took 0 other art classes until my senior year. Was focused on chemical engineering, until I got my first job and realized I really didn’t want to do chemical engineering. I wanted to do graphic design, so I did it. Went from making squares to making our school’s Great Gatsby themed prom invitations. 

Something You Wish You Had More Time For

Art. So little time, so many projects.

Favorite Place In The Whole World

Small campground in boundary waters. Self-named ‘Blueberry Island’ for huge Cliffside and ground covered in wild blueberries. 

Best Way To Spend A Saturday

Eating pizza, doing art, and hanging out with friends. 

What's The One Thing You Would Do, If You Were Able To Do It

Help build one of the crazy structures at Burning man and watch it burn at the end of the week.

Best Word Of Advice For Students

Just do it.