Understanding Your Career Options

Do you understand your interests, skills, and values related to your career plans?

Action Steps

  • Explore careers, in person or online! This semester, check out three career research resources.
  • Take a career assessment this year to better understand the relationship between who you are and various careers.
  • Try out a career! Volunteer or find a part-time job next semester in an area that interests you.
  • Meet with a (friendly and knowledgeable!) career counselor this semester to explore your options and create a career plan.
  • Find 5 entry-level jobs on GoldPASS (the U’s online job and internship board) that interest you. What is it about them that appeals to you? What skills do the employers expect? Talk with your faculty mentor or career counselor about how you can get those skills.
  • Take a career course. Career and Internship Preparation - CFAN 3201, begins with self-assessment and progresses through internship search.
  • Talk to someone who does work that interests you by doing an informational interview
  • Attend a meeting of a professional association that’s interesting to you to learn about the industry, trends, and its members.
  • Employers expect applicants to have 2-3 work-related experiences by the time they graduate. Next semester, find an internship or part-time job in which to develop your skills and start building your network.
  • Sometimes things don’t go as we planned! Create a Parallel (or alternate) Plan so you're prepared should your first career choice not work out. Your academic or career counselor can help - make an appointment with either.
  • Schedule a conversation with your faculty mentor to ask about classes, careers or their research. They’re knowledgeable and want to get to know you. The name of your faculty mentor is on your APAS.

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