Your Career Action Plan

How are you feeling about your career planning knowledge and preparedness?  Gain confidence and skills by creating and completing your own Career Action Plan!  

What do you want to learn more about – career options, meeting people in your field, fine-tuning your resume or gaining experience in your area of interest?  

We recommend completing 2-4 actions each semester to ready yourself for a successful job search and rewarding career!     

Understanding Your Career Options

What are your career options? How do your interests, skills, and values relate to them?

Networking Experience (a.k.a. Relationship Building)

Talking to professionals in your field of interest is a great way to learn about potential internship sites and careers, and of introducing yourself to people you may want to work for later. 


Is yours exquisitely crafted? Can you target it for each position you apply to?

Work-Related Experiences

Employers expect job applicants to have 2-3 work-related experiences, such as an internship, student job, or volunteer experience, by the time they graduate.