Bethany Brausen

Career Counselor in Training

Works With the Following Majors

All degree seeking students in CCE, CDes, & CFANS


Positivity, Developer, Relator, Maximizer, and Learner

Life Story

Born and raised in Minnesota, completed my undergraduate education at the University of Minnesota with a BS in Psychology.  Currently in the Counseling Student Personnel Psychology masters program at the University of Minnesota.  I am originally from Little Canada, and come from a family of 5 with two sisters.  I am working towards a masters currently but will be looking to attend a doctoral program to further my education in counseling. 

Out Of Work Obsessions

I love spending time with friends and family above all else.  I also was raised in an environment that embraced the Minnesota culture of ice hockey.  I played all growing up and played for the University of Minnesota women’s team in my undergraduate career.  I am still very involved in coaching and do so at a private school during the school year.  I love sports, being outdoors and new experiences and people!

Funny Story

There are plenty of times I catch myself looking for my phone while I am talking on it.  Quite honestly, it has happened more times than I would like to admit.

Best Part Of College Experience

Being able to be a student athlete.  I was able to wear a lot of different hats and the balance taught me a lot about commitment within teams, leadership, and work ethic.  It provided me a great basis of skills to build my future life on both personally and professionally.

Something You Wish You Had More Time For

I wish I had more time to read.  That is the nerdy answer that comes to mind.  I think there is so much value in reading about others thoughts and beliefs and I wish I had more time for it.  I also wish I had more time for artistic things such as pottery, painting, etc.  I have always been creatively inclined and I wish I had more opportunity to explore those things.

Favorite Place In The Whole World

Every year my family and I go up to a very remote lake in Canada that is very isolated from everything else.  You rarely see anyone else up there camping when you go, and there is no electricity, running water, etc.  It is extremely relaxing and allows you to get away from the busyness that surrounds our everyday lives.  That is certainly my favorite place in the whole world.

Personal Success Story

As apart of my experience as a student athlete, I was apart of two national championship teams with the women’s hockey program.  I was also apart of the team during a 62 game win streak which was unprecedented in the sport. 

Best Way To Spend A Saturday

Relaxing with family and friends.  Nothing on the schedule, but just able to decompress after a long week.  Throw in Netflix or a movie and you are looking at a wonderful day.

What's The One Thing You Would Do, If You Were Able To Do It

Travel the world.  I was able to take a trip to Europe for a month and developed a bit of a travel bug.  I learned so much about myself in that short time and about the infinite lives being lived around me everyday.  Getting out in the world shows you that there is so much you do not know, and that to me is very exciting and inclines me to want to learn more.

Individual You Most Admire

This one is difficult, but I would say both my parents, and for different reasons.  They have both been such meaningful people in my life and show me how to work hard and love even harder on a daily basis.  They inspire me and encourage me and the exact examples of who I hope to become.

Who Or Which Band Do You Like Listening to, The Most

Adele and The Fray.

How Should Student Prepare For A Meeting With You

It is a career center but I am very sensitive that there are many things that come up around that, exploration and understanding of those things are huge in personal development.  Some come with an open mind, and any materials that could be helpful- i.e. resume, CV letter, etc.

Student Success Story

I was a national merit scholar as a student-athlete.  This was a tremendous accomplishment for me over the years as it showed my commitment not only to my sport but more importantly to my career.

Best Way For Students Not To Get Their Dream Job

Focus on external factors such as others opinions or financial gains in a career.  These things can certainly be important but it is critical that you are pursuing a career path that will be a balance of stability and loving what you do.  I am a strong believer in that you should follow what you love, and be creative in how to make money doing that.  

Best Word Of Advice For Students

Stay active in the process of career and personal exploration, there are things you can always be doing, such as mock interviews, internship fairs, etc. Engage in these opportunities and it will help you in the future! 


“When I was five years old, my mom told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn't understand the assignment and I told them they didn't understand life.”