Alexis Murillo

Peer Advisor


Agricultural Communications and Marketing


Resumes and Cover letters


Achiever, Harmony, Relator, Adaptability, and Intellection

Life Story

I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. I actually attended the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, which is a high school located on the very last farm in Chicago. My high school education is what allowed me to pursue a major in agriculture. After being accepted to 19 of the 20 schools I applied to, I decided to attend the University of Minnesota in order to pursue my passion. Go Gophers!

Out Of Work Obsessions

Working out, writing and recording music and online shopping.

Funny Story

I had the opportunity to study abroad in high school and one the places I went to was South Korea. I lived with another high school student for the duration of my visit and learned a great deal about their culture and customs. No one in the household knew much English but they were an incredibly nice family. One night, before dinner, the father was holding their pet hamster in his hand and he turned to me and said, “Mmm…Delicious!” Later that night, I realized I ate their pet hamster for dinner.  

Best Part Of College Experience

Meeting someone new every single day!

Personal Sucess Story

In high school, I worked hard to get to where I am today. I was always sure to stay within the top five of my graduating class and stay involved with extracurricular activities and community service work. I received over $250,000 in scholarship money my senior year and I had the opportunity to travel to six different countries. I was a student advocate for the 400,000 Chicago Public Students and I had the honor to receive the Chicago Public School Hero Award. It was difficult to balance everything, especially my senior year, but I graduated with all honors and I will continue to succeed in college.

Favorite Place In The Whole World


Something You Wish You Had More Time For

Sleeping….It’s a beautiful thing.

Best Way To Spend A Saturday

Probably going out to give back to the community or spending time with my Aunt and adorable 3-year old Goddaughter. 

What's The One Thing You Would Do, If You Were Able To Do It?

Become a successful rap artist and go on a world tour.

Individual(s) You Most Admire

A family friend, Martina. She is one the most selfless individuals I know. 

Best Words Of Advice For Students

It is harder to fail then it is to succeed. Envision yourself owe here you want to be and don’t stop until you get there.