Discovering Majors and Careers: CFAN 1201/DES 1202

Open to all majors. Ideal for students questioning their major or career plans. 1 credit. Offered Fall only. 

Course Content

This course will help you conduct an extensive assessment of your unique interests, personality, values, and skills. You will also be taught how to thoroughly research majors and careers so you can determine which options fit you best. 

Sample Syllabus

Quotes from Past Students

  • "This class was my favorite that I have taken. I have learned so much, and know that I can depend on my teacher to help me in the future."
  • "[The Instructor] was very enthusiastic about helping us and seeing us succeed. She is very approachable and really helped push/motivate me to do things I probably wouldn't have done if she hadn't."
  • "This class was very helpful in figuring out who I am and what career fits me best. This class should be required for all freshmen."