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Online Workshops

Improve your job search skills in just 10 minutes by viewing one of our online workshops.  Have more questions after viewing our workshops?  Call 612-624-2710 to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment!

Resumes, CVs, & Cover Letters
Resume Writing 
Resume Writing for Design Fields
Example Animated/Visual Resume (to be included in e-portfolio or LinkedIn profile)
Cover Letters & References
Curriculum Vitae Writing
Professional Portfolios

Gaining Experience
Doing What Matters: Engagement at the U (Geared toward Health Careers)

Effective Interviewing 
Phone Interviews
Web/Online Interviewing

Job Search Strategies
GoldPASS: How to Sign Up
GoldPASS: Search and Register for Events
Jobs & Internship Searching
Networking for International Students
Applying for Federal Jobs
Marketing your Individualized Degree
GLBT Job Search Tips
Professional Associations
Career Services for Student Veterans and Service Members
U of MN Library: Ace the Job Search

Job Fair Preparation
Job Fair Success for Undergraduate Students
Job Fair Success for Graduate Students
Using Your Strengths at a Job Fair

Graduate/Professional School
Pre-Law Workshop
Writing Effective Personal Statements
Graduate School Preparation

Job Offers and Salary Negotiation
Salary Negotiation

Transition to Employment
Transitioning from Student to Professional

Health Careers Center Short Courses
Planning for Medical School
Personal Statements for a Health Program
Interviewing Skills for a Health Program