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Housing Studies

About the Major

A Housing Studies major prepares you for a career in assisting people in a wide range of housing needs. The curriculum teaches students about shelter and its multiple dimensions, focusing on skills that will allow students to contribute to the housing field. Coursework in the program includes the social and behavioral sciences, public policy, planning, economics, and technology.
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housing development

Common Entry Level Job Titles

- Appraiser
- Housing Coordinator
- Housing Inspector
- Housing Advocate
- Loan Officer

- Mortgage Banker/Broker
- Neighborhood/City Planner
- Assistant Property Manager/Administrator
- Real Estate Agent

Types of Employers

- Banks/credit unions
- Commercial property
  management firms
- Government agencies
- Mortgage companies

- Nonprofit organizations specializing in housing
- Property management firms
- Real estate developers
- Residential home builders

Alumni Job Titles and Career Profiles

Salary and Employment Statistics of Graduates

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Internship and Volunteer Contacts (previous students' experiences):
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