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Graphic Design Alumni

Below you will find a sampling of job titles for graduates from the Graphic Design major. Click on a link to read an alumni profile, including information about their current job and advice they have for students.

Please note that some alumni may have changed to new positions since completing their online profiles. We continue to offer their profiles as they represent the variety of rich entry level positions our graduates obtain.

Graphic Design Specialist - Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC
Internal Creative Coordinator - Strata Furniture
Graphic Designer - Baker and Associates
Art Director - Sight Marketing
UX Specialist - Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant - Hong Kong Institute of Education
Interactive Designer - Colle+McVoy
Senior Interactive Designer/Course Media Supervisor - Capella University
Senior Print and Design Specialist - Lands' End
Graphic Designer - Northrop Concerts & Lectures, U of M
Junior Graphic Designer - Yamamoto Moss Mackenzie
Graphic Designer - WhiteBoard Product Solutions
Interactive Designer - Catalyst Studios
Senior Experience Designer - Adobe Systems, Inc.
Creative Coordinator/Graphic Designer - Clarity Coverdale Fury
Graphic Designer - ERO Resources
Graphic Designer - ALP Inc
Graphic Designer - Fox 9/UPN 29
Mac Specialist - Apple Retail Store
Graphic Designer & Contract Computer Animator - Ghost Productions Inc.
Graphic Design Coordinator - Imagine Studios
Marketing Coordinator/Creative - Intermark Marketing
Graphic Designer - Jandy Creative and Foofaraw
Graphic Designer - KNOCK Inc
Print and Design Specialist - Lands' End
Designer - Little & Company
Graphic Designer - MoCo
Design Intern - MN Exteriors
Interactive Graphic Designer - Periscope Advertising
Graphic Arts Specialist - Riverland Community College
Art Director - Saki World Corporation
Graphics Coordinator - Showdown Displays
Graphic Designer - Skyemark Business Solutions 
Visiting Artist Coordinator - Southern Illinios University 
Interactive Ad Designer - Starcom
Graphic Design Intern - Tilka Design
Graphic Designer - University of Minnesota
Graphic Designer - Webshack Designs  
Design Intern - Weber Shandwick
Marketing and Website Administrator - Wells Gardner Electronics Corporation
Sr. Web Designer -
Graphic Designer – QuickSigns
Graphic Designer – Fashion Angels Enterprises
Web Design/Web Advertising Coordinator – Tiger Oak Publications
Graphic/Web Designer – Total Source Solutions
Graphic Designer – Regis
Associate Graphic Designer – Sight Creative
Art Director – Exit Marketing
Graphic Designer – Initio Advertising
Marketing Coordinator – Intemark
Client Technology Manager – Convey Compilant Systems
Communications Specialist/Informational Representative – U of M School of Music
Graphic Designer – Weber Shandwick
Graphic Designer/Production Artist – (The Creative Group) – MVP Marketing + Design
Graphic Designer – LOCATION IMAGES/
Designer - Carat North America
Creative Director - Circuit Global Sports Management
Graphic Designer - Ekcetera
Associate Online Editor - Game Informer Online
Graphic Designer - Habitat for Humanity International
Designer/Teaching Artist - Juxtaposition Arts
Junior Design - Olson
Designer - Periscope
Interactive Designer - Popular Front
User Interface Artist - Raven Software
Designer - Sevnthsin
Graphic Designer & Publicity Assistant - University of Minnesota, Northrop
Associate [Designer] - Fast Horse Inc.
Designer - J. Murphy & Associates
Graphic Designer/Printer - JXE Inc.
Media Marketing - Morrie's Ford
Graphic Designer - MotivAction
Graphic Designer - Probus One Touch LLC
Graphic Designer - Reingold
Designer- Zeus
Interactive Ad Designer- Cordillera Interactive
Junior Designer- Ideas That Kick
Graphic Designer- Loomis Group
Marketing Specialist- Royal Pet Inc.
Print Media Designer- WhereYouShop
Junior Designer- BSwing
Creative Intern- HY Connect
Graphic Designer/Communications Coordinator- Human Life Alliance
Art Director- Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals
Graphic Designer- Park Tool
Designer- Augeo+Greer
Graphic Designer- Wizzy Wig Design
Information Representative- University of Minnesota
Decorator/Designer- Lydia's
Marketing- Bellweather Media
Junior Designer- Little & Company
Interactive Designer- Clockwork Active Media Systems
Designer / Art Director- Planet Propaganda
Interactive Designer- Social Samba
Associate Designer- Fast Horse
Web Designer- Best Buy